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Open Source Software

Here, you can find a list of open source software that I have released (have contributed code to). If there are any questions regarding the code and how to use it, please write me a mail.

  1. Distributed Patricia Tries

  2. DivSuvSort with LCP

  3. Parallel Wavelet Trees and Wavelet Matrices

  4. Distributed Suffix Sorting

  5. SACABench: Benchmarking Suffix Array Construction

  6. Distributed Wavelet Tree and Wavelet Matrix Construction

  7. Practical Longest Common Extensions

  8. Linear Time Lyndon Array Construction

  9. PaCHash

  10. Parallel RecSplit

  11. pasta::BitVector

  12. Quad WT

  13. SIMD WT

  14. pasta::BlockTree

  15. KaMPIng: Karlsruhe MPI next generation