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Image of Florian Kurpicz

My name is Florian Kurpicz and I am a postdoctoral researcher. I work in in Prof. Dr. Peter Sanders’  Algorithm Engineering group at the Institute of Theoretical Informatics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where I lead the Data Structures sub-group.

I received my PhD in Computer science from the TU Dortmund University in 2020, with a thesis on parallel text index construction under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Johannes Fischer.

I am working in Algorithm Engineering with a focus on Stringology (algorithms and data structures for textual data) and succinct data structures. On this website, you can read more about me and my research, find a list of my publications, check out my open source software, take a look at my talks, and see a list of courses taught by me.


  • 2023/09: I presented our paper on block tree construction at ESA 2023 (slides, code)
  • 2023/07: Our two papers on minimal perfect hash functions on the GPU (code) and block tree construction (code) have been accepted for presentation at ESA 2023
  • 2023/06: I will be on the PC of ALENEX 2024
  • 2023/04: This summer term 2023 I have a lectureship for the course Advanced Data Structures (in German)
  • 2023/01: Finally, our open access book chapter, a survey of scalable text index construction, is available online
  • 2023/01: I presented our paper on PaCHash, a packed and compressed hash tables at ALENEX 2023 (slides, code)
  • 2023/01: Our paper on bit-parallel wavelet tree construction using vectorized instructions has been accepted at DCC 2023 (code)
  • 2022/11: I presented our paper on rank and select data structures on bit vectors at SPIRE 2022 (slides, code)
  • 2022/10: This winter term 2022/23 I have a lectureship for the course Text Indexing (in German)
  • 2022/10: Our paper on PaCHash (packed and compressed hash tables) has been accepted at ALENEX 2023 (code)

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