Florian Kurpicz
Talk at Final Meeting SPP Algorithms for Big Data

Overview: Massive Text Indices

Last week, the DFG Priority Program Algorithms for Big Data concluded with a final meeting. Since I was a part of the sub-project Massive Text Indices for a long time, I gave a final talk highlighting the main results we obtained during the project period. The talk was concluded by an outlook on our current work.

A text index is a data structure that provides additional information for a given text to speed up answering different types of queries, e.g., pattern matching queries that ask if (or how often, or where) a pattern occurs in the text. In this talk, I present the main results concerning scaling text Indices that we have developed in the project "Massive Text Indices". In addition, I give an overview of recent results that also go beyond the scope of classical text indices.

The slides are available as handout and heavily animated. Note that the slides are also in German.

Animated Slides

Slide image spp_2022_slides_animated-01.png
Slide image spp_2022_slides_animated-02.png
Slide image spp_2022_slides_animated-03.png
Slide image spp_2022_slides_animated-04.png
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