Florian Kurpicz
Talk at BwInf-Workshop at TU Dortmund 2020

Algorithm Engineering: Bit Vectors and Rank Queries (in German)

Today, was the first day of the 2020 BwInf-Workshop at TU Dortmund (which I was responsible for organizing in 2015, 2016, and 2017). The workshop is for all pupils that successfully completed the first round of the Bundeswettbewerb Informatik (BwInf). This year, we welcomed 32 pupils (mostly from North Rhine-Westphalia) that participated in two different projects. More information can be found at the workshop's website.

As usual, the workshop started with a lecture, which was given by me for the first time. This year, I gave an introduction to algorithm engineering (in German). In this lecture, we developed an efficient bit vector and a rank data structure. The lecture consisted of a presentation, live coding, and developing a theoretical idea on the blackboard. The slides are available as handout and heavily animated. Note that the slides are also in German.

Slides in Handout Mode

Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-01.jpg
Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-02.jpg
Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-03.jpg
Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-04.jpg
Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-05.jpg
Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-06.jpg
Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-07.jpg
Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-08.jpg
Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-09.jpg
Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-10.jpg
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Slide image bwinf_2020_presentation_handout-16.jpg